Three Tasting Rounds

The Educational Wine Tasting portion of CLiiNK consists of three tasting rounds of two wines each. Each tasting round has its own fascinating theme and is filled with interactive pauses to balance informal socializing with engaged learning.

Tasting notes cards for three tasting rounds, each comparing an Old World wine with a New World wine.

Each tasting round begins with impression, where you and your guests evaluate how much you enjoy each wine. Learn how to taste wine properly when a waiter presents you with a bottle at a restaurant or wine bar.

Scott Jeffrey in a vineyard demonstrating the proper way to taste wine at a restaurant or bar.

Next comes wine knowledge, where you and your guests watch a short animated clip that explains fundamental concepts while providing insight into the differences between the wines. Visual learning both aids in retention and amps up the fun.

Animated graphic teaching that Old World wines are named by their place of origin while New World wines are named by their grape variety.

Finally comes observation, where you and your guests compare the characteristics of the wines while sharpening your senses. Dive deep into each glass of wine.

Interactive wine tasting video asking if everyone observed the aromatic intensity of two wines correctly.