A Journey Across The Globe

CLiiNK is a journey that introduces you to thirty wines from across the globe. Our tastings take you to California, Oregon, and Washington states, seven wine regions of France, and nine other major wine-producing countries.

Each CLiiNK tasting focuses on one of the five essential characteristics of wine. Our first tasting focuses on fruitiness in white wine. Future tastings focus on tannin in red wine, acidity in white wine, alcohol in red wine, and balance in both white and red wine. Each tasting builds on the previous ones, serving up wine knowledge in easy, sip-sized portions. Completing all five CLiiNK tastings bestows a foundation of wine recognition skills upon which will rest a lifetime of enhanced enjoyment.

We are a fledgling startup with a revolutionary idea: empower you to host your own educational wine tastings so together we can spread wine knowledge. Your purchase funds the development of our four future tastings. Thank you for your support of CLiiNK and our shared mission!

Map of countries and wine regions in Old World and New World.