Stream to TV

Scott Jeffrey teaching to see, swirl, sniff, sip, and savor wine on big screen TV.


Elevate your event with a movie night feel by using your big screen TV as your computer monitor. Not only does this make your tasting grander but having your TV as the focal point also takes advantage of your apartment layout. Your guests will naturally form a semi-circle sitting on your couch and extra chairs, and can set their wine glasses down on your coffee table.

Here is a quick three-minute video from Best Buy explaining how to connect your computer to your TV. It's super easy but be sure to set this up in advance of your event so you are prepared.

If you need a high-speed HDMI cable, we recommend Monoprice, though cables are easy enough to find on Amazon as well. Be sure to get one long enough to reach your computer—the extra dollar or two for the extra distance is definitely worth your peace of mind.

And remember to check your computer to confirm it uses an HDMI port for video output. Most do but not all.