Event Overview

CLiiNK tastings run themselves. Our interactive tasting video provides easy instructions with automatic pauses for you to complete them. So there's no need for you to study some instruction manual or game rulebook ahead of time.

Interactive video instructing to take a tasting round card and a pen of your favorite color.

That said, it is best to know what's coming so you can project an air of complete confidence at your event. Here is a quick overview of what to expect.

Preparation is easy:

  • Purchase six bottles of wine curated for your tasting
  • Purchase twelve wine glasses if you don't already own that many (for as little as $10)
  • For an elevated event, purchase bottled water to stay hydrated
  • For an elevated event, purchase cheese curated for your tasting, along with accoutrements to make a cheese board
  • For an elevated event, stream to your TV by setting it up as your computer monitor

Running the event itself is even easier! CLiiNK tastings have three phases:

  • Double Blind Setup. Our patent-pending system allows you to participate alongside your guests in the Recognition Game.
  • Educational Wine Tasting. Compare two wines at a time, in three tasting rounds, to learn their characteristics.
  • Recognition Game. Attempt to identify all six wines in a blind tasting.
Please continue to familiarize yourself with the event flow, starting with A Journey Across The Globe.