Recognition Game

CLiiNK concludes with our Recognition Game, where you and your guests attempt to identify all six wines in a blind tasting. Everyone has familiarized themselves with the wines during the three tasting rounds. Now it's time to prove your newly acquired knowledge and observational abilities.

Before the tasting began, you and your assistant Double Blinded the six wines in six carafes identified solely by the letters A to F.  Neither of you knows which wine is which but working together you can reveal the wines when it is time to discover the winners at the end of the game.

To facilitate observing the wines, pour a bit of the wine from the six carafes into six wine glasses also lettered A to F. These community glasses are shared by everyone to observe appearance and nose. To observe palate, you and your guests will pour small sips from the carafes into your own personal glasses. First compare the aromas using the community glasses and then confirm your guesses with tastes from your personal glass.

Recognizing all six wines is truly a challenge. Please raise your hand if you are ready to try. Awesome!

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