Collection: Twelve Wine Glasses

CLiiNK Tastings have you compare two wines at a time to learn to distinguish between them. We recommend six participants, so you will need twelve wine glasses.* This is more than many of us own.

But no worries, here are some low-cost yet still totally styling options:

  • SVALKA Small - Tasting-Sized 10 oz Wine Glass ($4.99 / 6 pack)
  • SVALKA Large - Classic 15 oz Wine Glass ($7.99 / 6 pack)
  • Tossware - Environmental and Reusable 14 oz Plastic Wine Glass ($25.99 / 12 pack)

Or invest in your glassware with our elegant Spiegelau wine glasses, made in Germany.

*CLiiNK Tastings allow for up to eight participants (any more and there won't be enough wine for everyone). You will need sixteen wine glasses if you plan to host that many people.

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