Patent Pending Double Blind

Only CLiiNK's signature Double Blind allows for you—the host—to participate in our Recognition Game. We've invented a simple system where you blind the wines and your assistant blinds the carafes. As a result, no one knows which wine is which, yet the wines can still be revealed.

You will randomly pour six wines into six carafes numbered 1 to 6, tracking which wine was poured into which carafe. This way only you know which wine is which.

Your assistant will then randomly cover the 1 to 6 stickers with A to F stickers, tracking which letter covered which number, and then reorder the carafes alphabetically. This way no one knows which wine is which.

However, working together you and your assistant can use your tracking to reveal the wines at the conclusion of the Recognition Game!

For instance, you might guess that the Chardonnay is in Carafe D.

When it is time to reveal the wines, you announce that the Chardonnay was assigned to the number 6, and then your assistant announces that 6 was assigned to the letter D.  You got it right!

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